The Core Cx360 Platform

Empower Your Organization With One Powerful Mental Health EMR/EHR Platform

The Core Solutions Cx360 EHR Platform is the modern way to power your organization day to day. Built specifically for behavioral health. One elegantly simple interface. Not just a database – a driver of action and change for the better.

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Core Cx360


Improve Quality of Care

Clear the path for caring and get time and energy back to better connect with clients with intuitive tools, automations, and end-to-end integration from front desk to billing and beyond.

Optimize Billing & Collections

Make fewer errors and collect more for your practice’s hard work with smart billing tools and automated client follow-up that take the complexity out of the financial parts of care.

Get One View – the Right One

Create custom dashboards for any role in your practice and get top-notch interoperability that saves time and creates efficiency every day.

Constantly Updated Client Risk Scores

Triage High-Risk Clients

Identify and prioritize individuals who need care the most with of-the-moment risk scores integrated and always available. Define risk factors and customize rules for your population, including, for example:

  • Past suicide attempts
  • > or = 2 hospitalizations in 2 years
  • Comorbidities

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Platform - Risk Score
Workflows That Really Work

Help Your Team Make the Most of Their Time

Use Core Cx360’s advanced process designer to create the workflows that work the best for your practice. Define to-dos, then automate to keep tasks rolling (and completed on-time) over and over.

Customize Your Setup

Choose from Core’s library of existing workflows, modify, or create your own. No matter what, the direction is detailed, including identification of forms to be completed, provider assignment suggestions, task order recommendations, and even time estimates handy for measuring process efficiency. 

Automate and Ensure Consistency

Answer a few questions, add a new user, and boom: they’re automatically set up with an appropriate associated workflow and given a first to-do. When each action is complete, the next task opens automatically and is assigned. No complexity. Less room for error. All for the sake of consistency and efficiency.

Look Broad & Dig Deep

Intuitive filters offer a holistic view of client populations and granular, step-by-step status, letting you know where staff is in any process from pending to in-progress to complete. 

Process Steps Workflow
Detailed, Customizable Reporting

Care Deeply. Report Effectively. Have the Bandwidth for Both.

Increase efficiency, reduce errors and optimize practice metrics with a platform that provides exceptional data visualization and control. Pull any data. Define specific timeframes and more.

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Intuitive, Uncomplicated Scheduling

Ensure the Right People are Doing the Right Things at the Right Times




  • Set a schedule in just a few clicks by selecting provider name, location, type of appointment and more.

  • Empower providers to set their own schedules and define critical details like where they’ll be working or if they are free or busy.

  • Search providers and set appointments based on availability, type of visit, date and time block.

Integrated Telehealth

Take the Complexity Out of Telehealth and Give Clients the Flexibility and Accessibility They Need

  • Empower clinicians to set their own telehealth availability within the platform
  • Send custom invitations to clients and providers that make joining sessions easy
  • Make the most of appointment time with dual-function interfaces that allow providers to see and interact with clients while documenting in a single window. 
  • Automatic timing and documentation makes billing easy.

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Online provider available for telehealth appointment

Easy One-On-One Communication

Communicate Internally Through One Hardworking Interface


Safely send text messages to practice members, boosting collaboration and information-sharing.


Collaborate with your internal team through Core Cx360’s in-platform discussion function; post messages, get responses, ask questions.

Easy One-on-One Communication
Customizable and Configurable

Cx360 Democratizes EHR Technology So You Can Easily Create the Processes, Forms and Workflows Right for Your Practice





  • Workflows are available based on the modules a customer is using; ex: IDD, substance use, etc. - whatever your care type you see the relevant workflows

  • Choose from 300+ editable forms to power-up your workflows.

  • Configure quick-glance client documents with the information, layout and subject widgets you most need.

  • Zero in on individuals to provide extra support or survey larger populations based on a long list of possible criteria, then save most-used searches for quick reuse.

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Low-Stress Implementation

Get Up and Running in Under 30 Days

Because every organization is different, Core plans your implementation with your team and is here for you every step of the way. Getting started today is easy. Just reach out, and we’ll discuss the details together.

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