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The Core Solutions Cx360 EHR Platform is the modern way to power your organization day to day. Built specifically for behavioral health. One elegantly simple interface. Not just a database – a driver of action and change for the better.

Mental Health EMR/EHR Platform
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Mental Health EHR Solution

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Symptom tracking


SDOH Tracking


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  • Record spoken sessions* with clients and instantly receive summaries for review, editing, and documenting your progress note.

  • A symptom and diagnosis tracking algorithm using NLP tools scans provider and other caregiver notes to identify difficult-to-see symptoms and then connects those symptoms to potential associated diagnoses.

  • Identify Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) issues of concern for your clients well before you bring them in for an assessment.

  • Identification of outliers enables administration to review progress notes for clinical appropriateness.

Revenue Cycle Management

Supercharge your billing system with intelligence that reviews 80 iterations of rules before a claim is completed and submitted.

Evidence-Based Practice Workflows

Sharpen clinical decision-making with a powerful workflow engine supporting evidence-based practices.

“I need my data. Core’s Cx360 platform provides the flexibility and scalability that we were looking for. The goal was to have our information at our fingertips, to produce the reports that we need, and to have the ability to grow without having to add significant resources. We are confident that Core’s platform will enable us to achieve these goals.”
Jeff Arledge
Jeff Arledge, CFA, CHFP

VP and CFO at Easterseals Midwest Executive

"We take tremendous pride in our multidisciplinary approach to behavioral health that incorporates state-of-the-art treatment modalities. Core Solutions and its Cx360 EHR will further enable our team to leverage targeted interventions that empower clients on their journey to improved health."
Tanveer Chaudhry, MD
Tanveer Chaudhry, MD

Chief Executive Officer at Solace

"In Core, we have a trusted, committed partner who is helping to advance the state of mental health care. We are excited to be a part of a transformative initiative like this and even more excited for clinicians to take advantage of it going forward."
Dr. Andrew Cleek
Dr. Andrew Cleek

Deputy Executive Director at McSilver Institute

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Purpose-Built Healthcare Technology

Do More of What Matters with the Help of One Powerful Platform

You’re in the behavioral health field because you want to help people. Core Solutions’ EHR platform enables exactly that.

  • Build relationships and connect with clients at the right times with technology that simplifies and streamlines rather than creates complexity. With our EHR solution, you get access to data that enables you to make decisions and provide evidence-based care. Dashboards offer an at-a-glance view of the data you need, all tailored to the behavioral health space.

  • Integrate your office front to back from clinical info to billing data and adopt smart, standardized processes just for your type of care that improve reimbursements and reduce rejections.

  • Get a single source of truth and one platform to run it all, from medication to hospitalizations, plus bi-directional connectivity that removes friction and saves time.

  • Enjoy a seamless transition to the Cx360 platform working side-by-side with our team. Once our implementation team has you up and running with the platform with strong utilization, you'll be a top priority as well for our support team. We'll meet with you regularly to answer any questions and ensure your system operates smoothly. Work with one point of contact from start to finish. At Core Solutions, the same person will be there to address any concerns that arise and offer support starting on Day 1.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an EHR improve client care?

An electronic health record is a repository of demographic, clinical and care coordination activity for a particular client. The EHR provides the central place that all clinicians and staff can access to enter and view the treatments and interventions provided to the client. This central care coordination and data sharing functionality ensures that the client receives the right care from the right staff at the right time leading to more successful outcomes.

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What should I look for when selecting an EHR?

When selecting an EHR you should look for some specific functionalities that include:

  • Ease of use

  • Support for workflow tracking to ensure that tasks are routed to the correct staff so no patient falls through the cracks

  • Strong data sharing and care coordination capabilities

  • Integrated mobile and telehealth support with a portal for clients and their families/guardians

  • Integrated billing and revenue cycle management

  • Use of advanced analytics with real-time drill down dashboards

  • Built in edits preventing “bad” claims from being submitted

  • Integrated, real-time data analytics and the ability to communicate with the local health information exchange

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How can a behavioral health EHR meet my specific needs?

Core Solutions provides EHR technology to the mental health, substance use, developmental disability, child and family services, and other human service organization markets. More specifically, Core provides powerful configuration and tailoring tools so that your specific needs are met be it a unique report, form, workflow or more. 

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How will my EHR prepare our organization for the future?

Core Solutions has built its scalable platform from the ground up with input from providers all along the way. The outcome is a solution that is built for the future incorporating the newest technology for interoperability, built-in revenue cycle management, advanced real-time analytics,and a workflow engine that enables your organization to build and track the necessary workflows to run your business. These functionalities provide the tools you need now and in the future. When you are ready to expand, the platform can scale with your organization. 

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How long will it take to implement an EHR system?

A traditional EHR implementation takes between 12 and 18 months. With Core Solutions’ configurable platform and years of experience, we have decreased this time considerably and implementation can be completed for most organizations in four to nine months.

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How can I get started?

Getting started is easy! Just contact us above and a Core Solutions staff member will reach out to review your needs and discuss how we can help achieve your goals and improve patient outcomes. 

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I already have an EHR system, why should I switch?

Your organization's EHR system should enable you to provide the best care to clients. It can also be a tool to attract talented and dedicated providers. Is your EHR system meeting your needs now? Will your EHR meet your organizational needs for the next five years? If your EHR isn't doing those things, switching may be in your best interest.

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How complicated is the switching process?

While switching to Cx360 will require some steps, we'll be right by your side. You'll work with our implementation team while we get your new system up and running parallel with your current EHR. Then, we'll move you completely to our more advanced solution with data conversion accomplished. During that time, you'll have a single point of contact who will be there to answer any questions and act as your partner throughout the process.

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