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A Simply Better Substance Use EHR

A Value-Added Platform Built for Value-Based Care

A lot has changed in your world of care – and a lot is still in flux. Can better practice management technology solve every single issue? No. But a truly extraordinary, comprehensive one can definitely help. 

The Cx360 EHR Platform was purpose-built for the needs of substance use disorder treatment providers. Here’s why Core is the most modern, smartest choice:

Built from the Ground Up

The Core Cx360 Platform wasn’t just designed for treatment facilities, it was engineered from the ground up, with advanced logic, artificial intelligence and a modern, seamless interface that makes it easy to learn and use.

One Powerful, Unified Platform

From pre-visit paperwork done remotely by clients to the right measures and mandates in place for your region and organization, to pre-set (but customizable) workflows, all the way through billing, Core Solutions gives you one interface, one platform, one solution for all your day to day care needs.  

Configurable For Your Organization

The Cx360 Platform is a substance abuse EHR software that brings robust functionality to the table right out of the box but is also highly personalizable; an extension of your everyday work that grows with you and can easily evolve as needs, trends and your world of care changes.

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Flexible Features

A Better EHR Equals Better Outcomes

The Core Solutions Cx360 EHR software is the streamlined, intuitive way to power your organization day to day with four game-changing, business-wide features that help clear the way for caring and the client-centered work that’s top of your to-do list.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

In the U.S., substance use disorder affects more than 20 million people over the age of 12. The rate of fatal overdoses has increased in recent years, reaching a record high of 92,000 between 2020 and 2021. While substance use disorder is on the rise, treatment options and methods have also improved. The use of electronic medical records for substance use disorder enables practices to adopt process improvements and reduce error risks. With the Cx360 EHR Platform, clinicians can coordinate care and treatment plans while protecting client confidentiality.

People with substance use disorder focus on using a certain substance or substances, even though the use interferes with day-to-day life or has other consequences. Often, substance use disorders are complex conditions and can be associated with other behavioral or mental health concerns

The use of substances can be caused by other mental disorders or may cause changes in the brain that make mental disorders more likely to occur. In many clients with substance use disorder, there is a genetic component — the person has inherited genes that increase the chance of them developing an issue with substances. 

Treatment for substance use often consists of multiple components, modalities and methods. Clients often work with more than one provider, and it's vital that each provider has access to the client's medical and treatment records for improved care coordination and results. 

Why Use Substance Use Disorder Electronic Health Records?

EMRs and EHRs for substance use disorder are valuable tools in the coordination of client care and treatment. The use of an EHR also enhances efficiency and eliminates errors. An EHR improves the treatment experience for both clients and providers.

More advantages of adopting our EHR platform for substance use disorder include:

Improve Security of Client Records

Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations is designed to protect clients from adverse consequences while they receive treatment for substance use disorder. Under Title 42, client confidentiality is protected and providers cannot disclose information about a client'S care and treatment without their direct consent.

Our Cx360 EHR Platform protects client confidentiality. Once a client grants consent, any care team member can receive treatment updates. Members of the care team can include the provider, outside providers, family, friends and social workers. The Cx360 EHR Platform connects all care team members for secure and confidential communication.

Optimize the Sharing of Client Information

Clients receiving care for substance use disorder may also be working with a provider to treat a behavioral health concern or other condition. Without coordinated care, there is a risk of a client being overprescribed medications or medications that interact. With our EHR platform, providers can communicate and share treatment details quickly. 

Reduce Billing Errors

An EHR is much more than medical records. It also enhances the billing process, leading to fewer mistakes and faster payments. 

Improve Client Treatment Outcomes

As a provider, you want the best possible outcomes for your clients. Our Cx360 EHR Platform can contribute to improved outcomes by connecting all aspects of a client's care. With improved communication, enhanced scheduling and better billing practices, your clients can receive the highest quality care to help them improve their lives. 

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