We’re More Than an EHR and Focused on Creating Better Outcomes.

We help Behavioral Healthcare and Health & Human Services organizations use modern technology to increase efficiency and processes to better support clients and improve clinical care.

We’re More Than an EHR and Focused On Creating Better Outcomes
Why We're Different

We Unlock Organizational Performance

Technology that truly helps practices do their work faster, with less effort and cost, is what behavioral healthcare needs. Core does it best, all in a single solution.

We empower behavioral healthcare & HHS organizations to be:


With integrated telehealth, advanced care management functionality and interoperability that enables multiple providers, even those outside your system, to communicate within a single platform.

Client Centric

With a robust, integrated client portal that saves time for practices and creates loyalty, engagement and ownership in the client's care process.

Highly Efficient

With an embedded workflow engine that guides clinicians in providing evidence-based care.

Value-based and Accountable

Helping practices conduct targeted costing and data capture, as well as provide access where and when you need it.

Personalized and Insightful

With AI clinical decision support, analytics and insight that empower practitioners to deliver the right messages to the right clients at the right times.

Transparent and Interoperable

With integrated tools delivered seamlessly across the client journey.


With integrated telehealth, advanced care management functionality and interoperability that enables multiple providers, even those outside your system, to communicate within a single platform.


Patient Centric

With a robust, integrated patient portal that saves time for practices and creates loyalty, engagement, and ownership in the patient’s care process.

Patient Centric

Highly Efficient

With an embedded workflow engine that guides clinicians in providing evidence-based care.

Highly Efficient

Value-Based and Accountable

Helping practices conduct targeted costing and capture, access, and leverage their data where and when it’s most valuable.

Value Based and Accountable

Personalized and Insightful

With AI clinical decision support, analytics, and insight that empower practitioners to deliver the right messages to the right patients at the right times.

Personalized and Insightful

Transparent and Interoperable

With integrated tools delivered seamlessly across the patient journey.

Transparent and Interoperable

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Core's Story and Future

How We Got Here

We began Core Solutions in 1999, focusing on a mission to improve outcomes for those affected by behavioral health, SUD and IDD challenges through innovative technology. What initially started as billing software for small behavioral health practices quickly expanded in features and functionality from a passion to have a more significant impact on care. However, to truly improve clinical outcomes, we needed to do more to streamline operations and empower staff with the necessary tools to deliver high-quality care. Through this journey, we realized that many EHR systems are overly complex, expensive or one-size-fits-all. Ultimately, they lack the depth and specificity behavioral health, SUD and IDD organizations need to be successful. We set out to change that. 

This consumer demand and the evolving requirements of our growing customer base led to the introduction of clinical functionality into our systems. In 2003, Core launched its first Case Management solution, and in 2007, its first full-featured, web-based enterprise Electronic Health Record and Case Management solution. Between 2014-2018, Core went through significant growth, winning multiple enterprise customers. With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for behavioral health services intensified, and we invested heavily in developing the next generation of behavioral health technology. Through listening and working closely with customers and clinicians, we utilized user-centered design principles and built a new generation EHR from the ground up…the Cx360 Platform.

A Brief History of Core

The Core Cx360 Platform

Our highly configurable solution enables organizations to be flexible and responsive to changing regulations and innovations in healthcare. Organizations and clinicians can also maintain fidelity to any evidence-based practice they implement using the workflow designer and process tracker. To lessen provider burden, we’ve expanded client engagement and self-care tools by utilizing AI for predictive analytics and more sophisticated population health analysis. Cx360 is highly interoperable and promotes real-time integration and data sharing among behavioral health, care management organizations, medical providers and other members of the Care Team, supporting care coordination across the continuum—a significant focus in healthcare today and tomorrow.

The Core Cx360 Platform

Where We're Going

Today, we enjoy one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the behavioral healthcare EHR vendor space, and our groundbreaking version is setting new standards for care. As we continue to grow, we aim to further our expansion of CCBHC programs across states and will incorporate the latest quality measures as they develop. Cx360 will include increased use of AI, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis, further improving operations and outcomes. Leading-edge enhancements to the Client Portal tied to better client engagement and managing life plans collaboratively for I/DD clients are upcoming.

With over 20+ years of experience in developing SaaS-based EHR solutions, along with our deep and nationally recognized expertise in behavioral health, we are excited about our innovations and assisting our customers in providing the highest quality care to their clients.

The Future of Core

Our Core Values

Transforming behavioral health and human services is about more than mere efficiency. It’s about giving practices the ability to work smarter, evolve and thrive in the volatile world of healthcare. To make it happen, we value:


Your EHR experience is heavily impacted by the partner you choose. We are partners in creating success for your practice because of our long-term shared purpose to improve population well-being through collaborative approaches.


Core’s solution is ever-evolving and advancing. We learn of emerging needs from our clients, as we stay at the forefront of changing laws and regulations around the U.S.


Whether your practice is enterprise-level, small or mid-sized, we help you operate better day-to-day. We strive to empower you to take control of your time, energy and ability to connect with your clients.

About EHR Systems

An EHR makes a client's data and health information readily available to authorized users. Although EHRs have been in existence since the 1970s, it wasn't until the passage of the HITECH Act in 2009 that their use was more widely adopted. The HITECH Act provided financial incentives to healthcare providers and organizations that adopted EHR practice management systems. 

The Act had one significant blind spot, though. It was only focused on providers that offered medical care, such as hospitals. The financial incentives didn't extend to the behavioral health field. The lack of funding for behavioral health providers contributed to other concerns in the sector, such as high attrition rates and limited care options.

The Cx360 EHR platform is designed specifically for use by behavioral health providers. Our system helps bridge the gap and improve the care that clients receive. We've designed the system to be provider-friendly and enable behavioral health organizations to make considerable advances toward providing client-centric care.

What Is an EHR System?

EHR systems are much more than digital copies of clients' charts. They support billing and operations, including scheduling and management reporting. They provide a holistic view of the care and treatments that clients have received. They also automate and streamline workflows as well as guide evidence-based healthcare decisions. 

An EHR system is designed to allow multiple providers to create and manage information about a client. Depending on an individual's needs, a provider can share access to the client's records with a provider at another organization. The information can also be shared with pharmacies, laboratories, imaging centers and urgent or emergency care providers. 

5 Behavioral Health EHR Implementation Considerations

Meaningful Use and EHRs

Healthcare providers were encouraged to adopt EHRs that met the requirements for “meaningful use” beginning with the passage of the HITECH Act. Flash forward to 2017, and meaningful use is no longer just an incentivized recommendation but a requirement. Medical providers who don't participate in meaningful use can be penalized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Meaningful use requires an EHR platform to allow providers to access and share clients and client data in order to improve the quality of care a person receives. Meaningful use guidelines encourage interoperability best practices.

Core Solutions' EHR system is ONC certified. Our platform meets standards and implementation specifications laid out by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Improved Client Portal-1

Types of Electronic Health Record Systems

EHR systems can be configured in several different ways. The primary difference between the systems is the way they are hosted. Options include:

Provider-hosted System

The healthcare organization assumes all responsibility for the services that host the EHR system. They also take on the responsibility of maintaining the system. Often, provider-hosted systems have high upfront costs, as the organization needs to invest in hardware. Setting up a provider-hosted system can often distract providers from delivering the best possible care to clients.

Dedicated remote systems

A third party takes on the responsibility of hosting the data and maintaining the system. The company has a dedicated server for each organization, which it's in charge of maintaining and keeping online.

Cloud-based systems

Cloud-based EHR systems rely on the internet. Client data is stored online, which allows authorized users to access it from any internet-connected device. With a cloud-based option, there's no physical server to maintain or store.

Benefits of EHR Systems

EHR systems allow providers to offer high-quality care to clients. The future of behavioral health is client-centric — care and treatment based on what clients need and want. Behavioral healthcare as a whole is also shifting from a quantity-focused model to a quality-focused model. Using an EHR system, a provider can better track client outcomes and make adjustments to their life plan or treatment plan based on those outcomes.

Challenges of EHR Systems for Behavioral Health

With certain EHR solutions, providers can sometimes struggle to get access to client data when they need it, often because the system itself isn't intuitively designed. Clients may also have difficulty accessing their records or communicating with their providers. Many EHR systems designed for hospitals or medical providers aren't built with the needs of behavioral health in mind. 

At Core Solutions, we designed our behavioral health EHR system with an awareness of the challenges that providers and clients often face. Notifications, alerts and the To Do list are available at log on. All of a client's records, including all prior activities, are at the care provider's fingertips. For clients, our portal makes it easy to access their data and exchange documents with their providers. 

Our Cx360 EHR platform is designed for use across care communities, including:

  • Behavioral health
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)
  • Substance use
  • Child and family services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about EHR systems for behavioral health? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How does an EHR improve client care?

An electronic health record is a repository of demographic, clinical and care coordination activity for a particular client. The EHR provides the central place that all clinicians and staff can access to enter and view the treatments and interventions provided to the client. This central care coordination and data sharing functionality ensures that the client receives the right care from the right staff at the right time leading to more successful outcomes.

What should I look for when selecting an EHR?

When selecting an EHR you should look for some specific functionalities that include:

  • Ease of use
  • Support for workflow tracking to ensure that tasks are routed to the correct staff so no patient falls through the cracks
  • Strong data sharing and care coordination capabilities
  • Integrated mobile and telehealth support with a portal for clients and their families/guardians
  • Integrated billing and revenue cycle management
  • Use of advanced analytics with real-time drill down dashboards
  • Built in edits preventing “bad” claims from being submitted
  • Integrated, real-time data analytics and the ability to communicate with the local health information exchange
How can a behavioral health EHR meet my specific needs?

Core Solutions provides EHR technology to the mental health, substance use, developmental disability, child and family services, and other human service organization markets. More specifically, Core provides powerful configuration and tailoring tools so that your specific needs are met be it a unique report, form, workflow or more. We would be happy to speak with you to identify how our solutions can meet your specific needs. Please contact us here. 

How will my EHR prepare our organization for the future?

Core Solutions has built its scalable platform from the ground up with input from providers all along the way. The outcome is a solution that is built for the future incorporating the newest technology for interoperability, built-in revenue cycle management, advanced real-time analytics,and a workflow engine that enables your organization to build and track the necessary workflows to run your business. These functionalities provide the tools you need now and in the future. When you are ready to expand, the platform can scale with your organization. 

How long will it take to implement an EHR system?

A traditional EHR implementation takes between 12 and 18 months. With Core Solutions’ configurable platform and years of experience, we have decreased this time considerably and implementation can be completed for most organizations in four to nine months.

How can I get started?

Getting started is easy! Just contact us here and a Core Solutions staff member will reach out to review your needs and discuss how we can help achieve your goals and improve patient outcomes. 

I already have an EHR system, why should I switch?

Your organization's EHR system should enable you to provide the best care to clients. It can also be a tool to attract talented and dedicated providers. Is your EHR system meeting your needs now? Will your EHR meet your organizational needs for the next five years? If your EHR isn't doing those things, switching may be in your best interest.

How complicated is the switching process?

While switching to Cx360 will require some steps, we'll be right by your side. You'll work with our implementation team while we get your new system up and running parallel with your current EHR. Then, we'll move you completely to our more advanced solution with data conversion accomplished. During that time, you'll have a single point of contact who will be there to answer any questions and act as your partner throughout the process.


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