The Core Vision

To Provide a Better EHR Experience

Core Solutions is the progressive leader in transforming the health and human services experience for behavioral health providers, consumers and state agencies. Core’s integrated EHR software, Cx360, offers advanced population health and information management to achieve improved outcomes and relationships between providers, consumers and payers. Cx360’s consumer-centric interface simplifies the end-to-end HHS experience, delivers integrated care coordination, improves consumer engagement and streamlines reimbursement processes.

At Core Solutions, we know that a successful EHR experience is contingent upon choosing the best partner, which is why we offer three major advantages for achieving a better EHR experience:

  • Technology: As the newest HHS/BH focused EHR available, we offer a completely integrated and state-of-the-art enterprise EHR technology platform that is equipped to deliver and incorporate all ‘big company’ functionalities that your organization will require as the future of HIT and care delivery mandates evolve.
  • Implementation: Time-tested and proven to deliver repeatable business processes, we help your company create an effective environment for change and set your organization up for success with realistic timelines, accountability and governance.
  • Support: Our reliable and active problem solvers realize and rely on the predictive intelligence offered by your Core EHR solution. Our timely responses to your requests ensure day-to-day continuity as your system transitions meaningful use into meaningful results on a daily basis.

There is a better EHR Experience waiting for you with Core Solutions.

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Choosing an EHR Partner vs. EHR Vendor

Your organization’s EHR experience is dependent on the EHR provider you choose. By partnering with Core Solutions, your organization brings together three fundamental components required for a better EHR experience: a dynamic environment, superior provider relationship and state-of-the-art enterprise technology.



Core – A Built for Purpose Organization:

Committed to providing a better EHR experience, we have strategically structured our organization to deliver on this promise. We’re constantly investing in new ways to provide a superior end-to-end experience – starting with our HHS/BH focused products that are supported by progressive methodologies and superior implementation and support services.


Meaningful Use Certification Information For 2015 Edition:

This Health IT Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONCACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Vendor Name: Core Solutions, Inc. Date Certified: 12/26/2017 and Hold Certification No.:, Product Version: Cx360 Version 7.0

Criteria Certified: EHR Modular (Ambulatory) Modules Tested: 170.315 (a)(1-12, 14,15); (b)(1, 6); (c)(1-4); (d)(1-9, 11); (e)(3); (g)(2-9); (h) (1) Clinical Quality Measures tested: 165v5 Additional software used: NLM AccessGUDI API, MAXMD, Corepoint 6.0

Core Solutions Inc. 620 Freedom Business Center Drive, Suite 400 King of Prussia Pennsylvania 19406  Contact #: 610.687.6080  Contact Name: Rachna Bagdi

Cost and Limitations:

Currently, Cx360 Version 7.0 certified EHR will require a one-time cost per organization to deploy the certified application in the required environment. In addition to the onetime cost, a monthly per user license fee is required for ongoing use and support of the certified application. The out of the box Cx360 certified product is based on SAAS (Software As A Service) architecture, additional one time costs and monthly reoccurring license fees will apply for on-premise hosting. Out of the box Cx360 certified product implementation will include deployment of the E-Prescribing module, Patient Portal, CPOE and Patient Educational libraries. One time activation costs per organization will apply to activate the E-Prescribing module, Patient Portal, CPOE and Patient Educational libraries. Monthly per user license fees will apply to access the E-Prescribing module, Patient Portal, CPOE and Patient Educational libraries. Core solutions uses third party vendors; Dr. First for E-Prescription. Core Solutions will facilitate and manage the contractual agreements with the third party vendors.

The Cx360 certified product implementation will include the capability to connect to labs, immunization and public health agencies. Ongoing monthly per connection fees apply to the HL7 enabled modules, including Transmission to Immunization Registries, Syndrome Surveillance, and Transmission to Labs, Transmit Patient Summary Record, Receive, Display and Incorporate Clinical Summaries. In addition to the per connection fees, additional monthly fees for HL7 enabled modules will occur and will be based on the number of users and volume of usage.Cx360 has the capability to connect to HISPs. A connection fee will be charged to establish a connection to each third party HISP. The cost of establishing connections will be in addition to the monthly licensing and subscription fee. All costs are passed on to the customer(s) who requests the connection. A transaction fee is charged for each transition of care summary sent or received via a third-party HISP. The transaction fee will vary depending upon the volume of transactions performed with the third-party HISP and the exchange partner’s technology.