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Embrace New Technology

Core Solutions' Cx360 platform, provides the  functionality, process engineering, telehealth and analytics your organization needs. One that works with you rather than against you so you can connect more with your clients. Better meet the challenges facing health and human services organizations today with our modern platform 

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A Simply Better EHR

Technology Built for Accountability

When your technology is created for accountability, real-time business analytics, and automated workflows with all kinds of tracking built in, getting accountable and remaining compliant become the easier parts of the job. Get Core Solutions and get back to the job of connecting with and creating better for clients.

Built from the Ground Up

The Core Cx360 Platform is designed for behavioral health, community health and human services organizations. It was engineered from the ground up, with advanced logic, artificial intelligence, and a modern, seamless interface that makes it easy to learn and use.

One Powerful, Unified Platform

From pre-visit paperwork completed remotely by clients, to the right measures and mandates in place for your organization and region, to but customizable workflows, all the way through billing, Core Solutions gives you one interface, one platform, one simple solution for all your day to day care needs.

Configurable For Your Organization

The Cx360 Platform brings robust functionality to the table right out of the box but is also highly personalizable; an extension of your everyday work that grows with you and can easily evolve as needs, trends, and your world of care changes.

Core Cx360's powerful platform to streamline your practice
Flexible Features

A Better EHR Equals Better Outcomes

The Core Solutions Cx360 Platform is the streamlined, intuitive way to power your organization day to day with four game-changing, business-wide features that help clear the way for caring and the client-centered work that’s top of your to-do list.

The Core Learning Center

Thought Leadership and Thought Starters

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