Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

IDD Software for New Levels of Efficiency and Effectiveness 

Core's Cx360 EHR is designed to meet the specific challenges of those providing services for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) and autism. Our technology supports how you work, so you can focus where you’re most needed.  

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Young man with Down syndrome and his tutor
Your IDD Software Solution

Core’s Cx360: The Right Technology for the Demands of IDD Service Providers

Configurable workflows that are specific to your roles and tasks make it easy for your team to complete next steps and adhere to evidence-based best practices. More complete and structured documentation, outcomes tracking, and the Cx360’s AI and analytics come together to provide new insights into quality and costs of care.

Aiding Productivity and Effectiveness 

Get the data you need, when you need it, as you need it. With the Cx360’s robust data management and real-time analytics, it’s easier for your team to identify an individual’s service needs, set meaningful goals, and document progress.

Coordinated Care Is Better Care 

Interoperability and mobile access make it easy to securely exchange progress notes and care plans with primary care physicians, care coordinators, clinicians, and others across the interdisciplinary team (IDT). Easily set alerts for critical client events, such as when immunizations are due or when notices of hospitalization or ED visits occur. 

Proven Comprehensive Assessment 

Identify an individual’s needs, which then automatically flow through as valued outcomes to a person-centered life plan/service plan. Care managers can then assign staff to the actions needed to achieve quality outcomes.

Gettingand KeepingYour Organization Future Ready

Your team’s workflows are supported by modular design and configurable templates to enable fast training and implementation, regulatory compliance, and easy adaptability should the organization’s size or services change over time. 

Helping You to Help the Individuals You Serve

An All-in-One EHR for IDD Service Providers

Cx360 is a solution that helps you track and manage all your data around the services you provide for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Cx360 enables your team to successfully deliver care each step of the way, from building service plans to managing staff to automating billing.

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