Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) 

CCBHC Software: A Single Solution for the Entire System of Care  

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) need advanced technology to help them deliver the services required today and expected from them tomorrow. Core's Cx360 EHR serves as a central platform for CCBHCs, supporting their efforts to develop a system of care that ensures their services and those provided by designated coordinating organizations (DCOs) help individuals receive timely access to treatment. 

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Enterprise-Wide Experience at the Community Level

Core's Cx360: The Platform That Does It All for CCBHCs — And Then Some

A lot is expected of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics. At Core Solutions, we've developed a platform capable of helping CCBHCs do everything they require. Cx360 makes providing and coordinating high-quality, whole-person care — including mental health services, substance use treatment, and crisis management services — that achieves positive, life-changing outcomes easier. 

Technology Built for Your Care Delivery Model

Whether your CCBHC provides all services or enlist community providers as designated coordinating organizations, know you're using a flexible solution embedded with a powerful workflow engine that will support how you manage referrals and services and the evidence-based practices you incorporate into your care delivery system. 

Reporting and Data Analysis for Value-Based Payment Initiatives 

Capture the quality and other data required for all your reporting requirements. Easily track the information you need — no matter where clients receive services — and then leverage embedded analytics to strengthen population health management, eliminate treatment disparities, and receive timely reimbursement. 

Communication and Coordination Throughout the Enterprise 

Count on Cx360 to serve as your CCBHC's central communication platform and enterprise-wide coordinated scheduling system. Get clients the right appointments at the right time and keep all participating care coordination organizations informed about an individual's journey.  

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Get Help Securing CCBHC Grants

Millions of dollars in grants are available to CCBHCs. This funding is pivotal to helping clinics establish new CCBHC programs and helping existing programs better ensure equitable access to high-quality behavioral health services. Completing applications for CCBHC grants is not an easy or fast process. While we cannot apply for grants for you, the Core team is here to assist.

We have provided recommendations and support to CCBHC customers, reducing the time and effort required to complete grant applications. In addition, the metrics captured in Cx360 and its powerful reporting functionality enable CCBHCs to demonstrate improvement in treatment outcomes that can lead to quality bonus payments.

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The All-In-One CCBHC Solution

Intelligent Tools to Support and Achieve Your Mission

The Core Solutions Cx360 platform is the intuitive, highly secure way to power your Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic. Get the features and functionality that help you execute real-time coordination of services, including those requiring crisis management, which eliminates barriers to and delays in access and better connects individuals to the proper care and treatment so they can achieve positive outcomes. 

The Powerful, Unified, and Flexible CCBHC Solution

Cx360 has everything needed to provide required services to anyone who would benefit from coordinated, comprehensive, evidence-based behavioral health care. This includes the ability to deliver 24/7/365 crisis response and support. Core Solutions gives CCBHCs one tailored solution for all their client-centered care needs. 

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