Cx360 for Executives

Get More Done with Less

From recruiting and retention to managing the intricacies of value-based payments and rising operational costs can make every day challenging. Core Solutions' Cx360 is purpose-built for the realities of behavioral and community healthcare. Streamlined workflows, embedded telehealth, and patient-centric features enable organizations to accomplish more. 

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Executive Workflow Dashboard
A Simply Better EHR

Smarter Tools Built for Your World of Care

When your EHR gives you the big picture rather than leaving you in the dark about the details, and gives you confidence in efficiency with processes designed just for your type of organization, then you get the bandwidth to lead, not just chase down the next problem. The Cx360 Platform was built for it.

Track Better, Risk Less

Customized dashboards and a modern interface makes tracking, accurate billing and even accountability via custom metrics and analytics easier, every day.

Make Patients the Star

Our portal gives patients control of their ongoing experience – and your staff time back to connect and consult, rather than quarterback paperwork

Connect the Dots

Seamless connection between your staff and other treatment providers offer the kind of interoperability that behavioral health providers have always dreamed of.

Eliminate Physical Files & One-Off Tracking Sheets

The digital revolution has finally, meaningfully come to behavioral health practices. The Cx360 Platform streamlines workflows and offers intuitive access to patient data. Your staff has access to the data they need when they need it, allowing them to make more informed decisions leading to improved outcomes.

Cx360 Dashboard
Flexible Features

The Help You Need to Position Your Organization to Succeed

The Core Solutions Cx360 EHR Platform is the modern way to power your organization day to day with four game-changing, organization-wide features that help clear the way for caring.

The Core Learning Center

Thought Leadership and Thought Starters

Upgrade Your Everyday

See How Our Highly Configurable Platform Can Meet Your Needs and More

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