Core Clinician Assist: Symptom Tracking 

Powerful AI That Flags Behavioral Health Symptoms and Empowers Interventions  

With Core Clinician Assist: Symptom Tracking, innovative artificial intelligence (AI) efficiently assesses huge datasets to identify difficult-to-see behavioral health symptoms and connect them to potential associated diagnoses. Make more informed and timelier clinical decisions that save lives, reduce unnecessary medical services, and significantly impact healthcare delivery. 

Core Clinician Assist: Symptom Tracking

We’re More Than an EHR and Focused On Creating Better Outcomes.

We help Behavioral Healthcare and Health & Human Services organizations use modern technology to increase efficiency and processes to better support patients and improve clinical care.

Designed to support measurement- and value-based care

A Population Health View Identifying Where to Target Behavioral Health Engagement Efforts

Symptom Tracking provides health plans, health information exchanges, population health management organizations, integrated delivery systems, primary care providers, and any other providers focused on measurement- and value-based payment arrangements with unmatched insight into behavioral health needs and preventive care opportunities.

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