Innovative Behavioral Health AI Solutions Helping Improve Outcomes 

Core's behavioral health artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are empowering providers to deliver better quality care for those they serve. Embedded into the Cx360 EHR, these cutting-edge, user-friendly technologies increase access and strengthen performance across the ecosystem of care.  

Innovative Behavioral Health AI Solutions Helping Improve Outcomes
Leader in Behavioral Health Artificial Intelligence

AI Tools for IDD, Substance Use Disorder, and Mental Health Conditions

The AI technologies included in the Cx360 platform provide clinical-decision support at the point of care, helping behavioral health providers "treat to target." Clients receive more successful treatment and support while providers achieve improvements that enhance clinical, operational, and financial performance.

Core Clinician Assist: Documentation

Record spoken sessions* with clients and instantly receive summaries for review, editing, and documenting your progress note. Using natural language processing (NLP) to data mine symptoms identified in notes from all providers who engage with a client paints a clearer picture to help identify behavioral health needs before rendering treatments or services. Studies have shown ambient dictation saves 25% to 40% of clinician time.

* Core does not save any of the recordings used to provide the summary, eliminating HIPAA and other potential privacy issues. 

Ambient Dictation and Summary

Core Clinician Assist: Symptom Tracking

Discover behavioral health conditions earlier and more accurately. A symptom and diagnosis tracking algorithm using NLP tools scans provider and other caregiver notes to identify difficult-to-see symptoms and then connects those symptoms to potential associated diagnoses. An intuitive visual representation of potential diagnoses further aids in the clinical decision-making process.

Core Clinician Assist: SDOH Tracking

Identify Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) issues of concern for your clients well before you bring them in for an assessment. Similar to Symptom and Diagnosis Tracking, the SDOH Tracking algorithm identifies SDOH issues raised by clients and makes that information readily available to clinicians at the point of care.

Symptom and Diagnosis Tracking and SDOH Tracking* are also available as standalone algorithms. They can be utilized by any provider on any EHR or care management platform via an easy-to-implement API.

* Patent pending.

Learn more about our standalone AI tracking algorithms →

Symptom and Diagnosis Tracking

Core Clinician Assist: Anomaly Detection

Identification of outliers enables administration to review progress notes for clinical appropriateness. Example: A provider prescribes a dosage of medication well outside the normal boundaries of care. Anomaly detection quickly flags issues that can negatively affect outcomes. Client encounter patterns (no-shows) are also reviewed to identify scheduling efficiencies which can lead to a reduction in your no-show rate.

Anomaly Detection

Smarter Revenue Cycle Management  

Supercharge your billing system with intelligence that reviews 80 iterations of rules before a claim is completed and submitted. Identify missing and incorrect information to improve your clean claim rate and receive faster reimbursement while reducing costly denials and time-consuming appeals.

Smarter Revenue Cycle Management

Evidence-Based Practice Workflows Embedded Within the Platform

  • Sharpen clinical decision-making with a powerful workflow engine supporting evidence-based practices.

  • Know what to discuss in sessions to ensure you’re completing each task.

  • Ensure fidelity to EBPs with real-time guidance, support, and an interactive checklist sidebar
Evidence-based Practice Workflows

Much More on the Horizon

Cx360 users can look forward to the addition of new behavioral health AI solutions, including chatbots that allow for verbal navigating of the EHR and clinical recommendations for treatment based on current best practices.

More On The Horizon
Extensive Benefits That Bolster Clinical, Operational, and Financial Outcomes

AI-Powered Improvements to All Facets of Behavioral Health

Core Solutions is at the forefront of behavioral health, bringing a visionary approach to how IDD, substance use disorder, and mental health providers help their clients and run their organizations. Our AI solutions deliver tangible, measurable enhancements that are further revolutionizing the industry.

Core Makes It Easy to Maximize Behavioral Health AI

Since our artificial intelligence solutions are embedded directly into Cx360, there's no need to look elsewhere to begin capitalizing on all that behavioral health AI has to offer. Just navigate to the technology within the EHR and put it to work for your organization. Then look forward to the new solutions we're going to add that will further help you leverage AI to improve outcomes.

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