Core Clinician Assist: SDOH Tracking

AI Enabling Timely Interventions to Address Social Determinants of Health Issues

With Core Clinician Assist: Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Tracking, you can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly flag SDOH — i.e., health-related social needs (HRSN) issues — and make that information readily available to care management teams and clinicians at the point of care. Use these insights to achieve targeted interventions that eliminate barriers to care and access to resources, then effectively track and respond to how client HRSNs change over time. 

Core Clinician Assist: SDOH Tracking

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Built To Reduce Risk and Improve Value- and Measurement-Based Care

Early Identification and Tracking of Health-Related Social Needs to Advance Equity

SDOH Tracking gives providers focused on value- and measurement-based payment arrangements including health plans, population health management organizations, health information exchanges, integrated delivery systems, and primary care providers immediate insight into HRSNs that can negatively influence outcomes and increase healthcare utilization and costs.

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