The Core Cx360 Platform

Empower Your Organization With One Robust EHR Platform

The Core Solutions Cx360 EHR Software Platform is the most advanced and intuitive behavioral health and IDD solution today that modernizes your approach to empowering better care.  

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Core Cx360 Empower Your Organization With One Robust EHR Platform

With Cx360 EHR Technology, Easily Create the Right Processes, Forms, and Workflows for Your Behavioral Health and IDD Organization

Behavioral health and intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) providers need a software platform built with their unique needs in mind. Enter Cx360. The Cx360 EHR platform enables you to optimize billing, manage daily workflows, coordinate care between providers, manage medications, and access evidence-based tools.

Much more than a client chart, use Cx360 to set up telehealth appointments and see clients virtually, provide clients with easy access to their records and the ability to communicate with their care team through the platform, and achieve better outcomes and financial performance. Cx360 redefines what behavioral health and IDD providers should expect from their EHR.

Pre-set Workflows


Configurable Facesheets

Form Library

Dynamic List

  • Workflows are available based on the modules a customer is using. Only see the workflows relevant for your care type.

  • Develop pre-set workflows that will guide your staff through any process you establish, whether you are a mental health, substance use, or IDD provider. Tasks no longer slip through the cracks.

  • Choose from a wide variety of editable forms to power-up your behavioral health and IDD workflows.

  • Zero in on individuals to provide extra support or survey larger populations based on a long list of possible criteria, then save most-used searches for quick reuse.

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Constantly Updated Clients Risk Scores

Triage High-Risk Clients

Identify and prioritize individuals who are at higher risk with of-the-moment risk scores integrated and always available. Record therapy notes and define risk factors and configure rules for your behavioral health and IDD populations, including, for example:

  • Past suicide attempts
  • > or = 2 hospitalizations in 2 years
  • Comorbidities
  • Social determinants of health (SDoH) issues

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Platform - Risk Score

Improved Quality of Care

Clear the path for caring and get time and energy back to better connect with clients with intuitive tools, a client portal, automations, and end-to-end integration from front desk to billing and beyond.

Optimize IDD and Behavioral Health Billing

Make fewer errors and collect more for your practice’s hard work with smart billing tools and automated client follow-up that take the complexity out of the financial parts of care.

Get One View – the Right One

Create custom dashboards for any role in your practice and get top-notch interoperability that saves time and creates efficiency every day.

Workflows That Really Work

Help Your Team Make the Most of Their Time

Core Cx360’s behavioral health and IDD EHR software has an advanced process designer to create workflows that will improve your practice management. Define to-dos, then automate to keep tasks rolling and completed on-time.

Configure Your Setup

Choose from Core’s library of existing behavioral health and IDD workflows, modify them, or create your own workflows. In one workflow, identify any outstanding forms, provider assignments and tasks (including the client’s).

Automate and Ensure Consistency

Answer a few questions, add a new user, and they’re instantly automatically set up with an appropriate associated workflow and given a first to-do. When each action is complete, the next task opens automatically and is assigned. No complexity. Less room for error. All for the sake of consistency and efficiency within your behavioral health or IDD organization.

Look Broad and Dig Deep

Intuitive filters offer a holistic view of client populations and granular, step-by-step status, letting you know where staff is in any process from pending to in-progress to complete.

Process Steps Workflow
Detailed, Configurable Reporting

Care Deeply. Report Effectively.
Have the Bandwidth for Both.

Increase efficiency, reduce errors, and optimize practice metrics with a behavioral health or IDD EHR platform that provides exceptional data visualization and control. Pull any data. Define specific timeframes and more.

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Intuitive, Uncomplicated Scheduling

Ensure the Right People Are Doing the Right Things at the Right Times




  • Set a schedule in just a few clicks by selecting provider name, location, type of appointment, and more.

  • Empower behavioral health and IDD providers to set their own schedules and define critical details like where they’ll be working or if they are free or busy.

  • Search providers and set appointments based on availability, type of visit, date, time block, and more.

Take the Complexity Out of Telehealth and Give Clients the Flexibility and Accessibility They Need

  • Empower clinicians to set their own telehealth availability within the platform.

  • Send custom invitations to clients and providers that make joining sessions easy.

  • Make the most of appointment time with dual-function interfaces that allow providers to see and interact with clients while documenting in a single window.

  • Automatic session time tracking and documentation makes billing easy and ensures compliance.

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Online provider available for telehealth appointment

Easy One-On-One Communication

Communicate Internally Through One Hardworking Interface


Safely send text messages to practice members, boosting collaboration and information-sharing.

On-Time Notification

Collaborate with your internal team through Cx360’s in-platform on-time notifications function. Post messages, get responses, ask questions.

Easy One-on-One Communication
Robust Revenue Cycle Management

Everything in One Place to Efficiently Manage IDD and Behavioral Health Billing

Embedded Revenue Cycle Management Engine

Cleaner Claims

Dashboards and Full Suite of Reports

  • Access advanced tools and automation to ensure you get paid properly and efficiently.

  • Powerful billing rules and exception log functionality stops bad claims before they go out the door and automatically routes errors to the correct staff to expedite corrections.

  • Always know how well your revenue cycle is performing and where to target improvement efforts with extensive, easy-to-run dashboards and reports.

Leverage Client Involvement

Intuitive client portal and kiosk capabilities enable substance use, IDD, or mental health clients and family members to easily pay bills/copays, access their data at any time and communicate with their care team.

Unmatched Behavioral Health and IDD Expertise

Core has its foundation in IDD and behavioral health revenue cycle management, giving us the broad knowledge and insight needed for effective billing and collections.

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Highly Advanced Client Portal

All the Functionality You Expect and Require From a Modern Client Portal

Simple, Secure Information Exchange

Easily enable clients to complete and sign required forms and surveys, communicate with their care team, review their clinical and demographic information, pay their bills, and do much more — all through a highly secure interface.

Reduced Clinician Burden 

Improve communications with clients and their caregivers and strengthen engagement using self-service tools such as those for medication refills, assessments, and appointment scheduling, further reducing behavioral health and IDD staff burden while streamlining the data collection process.

Manage An Entire Family 

A single login can provide access to all information for multiple family members receiving treatment. When children are of the legal age to take control of their medical record, they can easily restrict access to their information.

Compliant and Certified

Get peace of mind knowing our portal is compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act and has been certified by ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology).

Learn More About the Core Solutions Client Portal →

Client portal
Extensive Mobile Capabilities

Do Your Work Wherever You Are

Full Access Anytime, Anywhere

No Internet, No Problem

Built-In Electronic Visit Verification


  • View information and use all the IDD and behavioral health tools you need to support current and new clients even when you're off-site.

  • When you're not connected to the internet, you can still access Cx360's mobile capabilities and complete any current or new client tasks. Once you're back online, the application automatically uploads and syncs information with the master file.

  • Continue to meet electronic visit verification (EVV) guidelines on the road with included functionality that complies with state-specific and federal EVV rules.

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Streamlined Compliance Tracker

Keep Compliance Top of Mind and Never Miss Another Deadline

A Single Source for Everything Compliance

Core's Compliance Tracker is your central repository for all compliance-related deadlines. No more questions about what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by, and who needs to do it.

Easily Input and Track Compliance Deadlines of Your Choice

Choose which data field, form, and process deadlines you want to track. Common examples include completing progress note within 24 hours after service is rendered; complete intake within 10 days from admission; and care plans due within 10 days of "admission" and then every 60 days.

Designate and Monitor Compliance Responsibilities

Assign and then automatically send tasks to staff "to-do" lists so they take the required actions that prevent issues from falling out of compliance. Reports and dashboards give leadership streamlined oversight of staff responsibilities and status of compliance-related work.

Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

Behavioral Health Artificial Intelligence Providing Clinical-Decision Support at the Point of Care

Multiple AI Tools

Multiple AI Tools Included in Cx360

Easily select and put to work powerful behavioral health AI solutions like Symptom and Diagnosis Tracking, Ambient Dictation and Summary, Social Determinants of Health Tracking, Anomaly Detection, and Revenue Cycle Management Intelligence.

Revenue Cyle Management

Extensive Clinical, Operational, and Financial Benefits

Core's exclusive artificial intelligence technologies, including those with natural language processing (NLP), empower behavioral health providers to achieve a wide range of improvements throughout the ecosystem in areas including client outcomes, access to care, clinician productivity and satisfaction, workforce management, and billing performance.

Coming Soon

More Behavioral Health AI Coming Soon 

Core is investing in expanding its number of embedded artificial intelligence tools. Cx360 users can look forward to new AI solutions such as chatbots that enable verbal navigating of the EHR and treatment recommendations derived from the most current best practices. 

Evidence-Based Practice Workflows Embedded Within the Platform

  • Sharpen clinical decision-making with a powerful workflow engine supporting evidence-based practices.

  • Know what to discuss in sessions to ensure you’re completing each task.

Evidence-Based Practice Workflows Embedded Within the Platform

Discover How the Highly Configurable Behavioral Health and IDD Cx360 EHR Platform Will Meet Your Needs and More

Upgrading your performance with Cx360 will help you improve staff satisfaction, workflows, and profitability so your providers can offer clients the best possible care.
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